Hailing from Toronto, Canada. With 12 years behind him of studying and honing the arts of the DJ, COMBO represents deejaying at its finest. From body tricking, to beatjuggling, cutting, scratching, blending and power mixing his DJ style is like no other. His versatility on the decks, mic, and dance floor make's him a killer combination to any event. A battle tested DJ and party rocker extrodinaaire, COMBO fuses the old school with new school to create an energetic, creative and innovative approach to the decks. From hip hop to reggae to house to rock to dance to straight turntablism, his music IQ selection is stellar.

DJ COMBO started deejaying at the age of 16. After rocking numerous house parties, lounges, and clubs around the GTA. He decided to make a break and set up base in Toronto. He entered his first DMC battle in 2006 and started to connect with his local peers. After the fall of the DMC DJ battle in Canada, COMBO had to find another outlet. He picked up serato and started rocking parties. His background in b-boying & the party scene has helped him understand the energy and dynamics of the dance floor.

He spent the next couple of years travelling to other cities such as: New York, New Jersey, Manila, Makati City, Baguio City, L.A, San Diego, Tokyo, Seoul and Las Vegas absorbing their music scene and in search of developing his own style. Being offered by many to build in their respected cities.

After 10+ years in the making, COMBO has an amazing global style that is instantly respected & appreciated. He has successfully rocked parties in Chicago, New York, L.A, Tokyo, Seoul, Manila & Montreal.

Notable Venues:
Drake Hotel (Toronto)
Revival (Toronto)
College Street Bar (Toronto)
Augusta House (Toronto)
Wrongbar (Toronto)
751 (Toronto)
Kultura (Toronto)
Andy Poolhall (Toronto)
Organ Bar (Tokyo)
Sensation Bar (Seoul)
Lipstick (Seoul)
Subt (Chicago)
Empire Liquors (Chicago)
The Great Hall (Toronto)
El Macambo (Toronto)
Pacha Lounge (Toronto)
Nyood (Toronto)
La Spag (Montreal)
Rocket Room (Manila)
The Echo (Los Angeles)
Brooklyn Stable (Brooklyn, New York)
The Arrow (Manhattan, New York)
Lit Lounge (Manhattan, New York)
The Plank (Brooklyn, New York)
Soho Trump (Manhattan, New York)
Solas (Manhattan, New York)